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Creative Ways to Use ecobee Smart Plugs!

by on September 10, 2012

At ecobee, we’re not just all about thermostats — we’re about energy solutions. That’s why we’ve manufactured our very own Smart Plugs, to give you another way to understand, manage, and reduce your energy use. Smart Plugs can be programmed to add additional control to certain elements of your home and they can be monitored and managed through your personal Web Portal.

We asked our current Smart Plug users how they are using them and we discovered that we have some pretty clever members of the ecobee family! A huge thank you to all those who responded – below are some of our favourites:

  • I use my Smart Plug to turn the bedroom light on 5 minutes after the alarm goes off in the morning.
  • My second Smart Plug controls an attic fan.  On days that I am not using my AC, I can program the Smart Plug to switch on the Attic Fan throughout the day to circulate air in the house.
  • We have setup 2 Smart Plugs to control lights for security when we are away on vacation – the lights are programmed to turn on & off as if we were home.
  • I use my Smart Plug to control my lawn and garden irrigation system.
  • I use my Smart Plug to control my dehumidifier, and maintain reasonable humidity at MINIMUM electricity usage.

Here is one use that deserves it’s own special mention!

  • We just had a wonderful confluence of events, aided by a Smart Plug.  My wife and I, having never watched the soap opera, “Dark Shadows” as we were in college in the late ’60s, so we’re running through the whole thing, now.  Meanwhile, we bought an old, Victorian house a year and a half ago.  While we were watching a “Dark Shadows” episode, which involved some of the ghosts which haunt the protagonist family’s house, my wife thought to ask if I’d be amused to find that our old house is haunted (not that either of us believe in the supernatural, mind you).  There’s more…  Years ago, we bought a player piano, not for the player mechanism but because it’s a particularly nice instrument.  But, now, we’ve just gotten the player mechanism to work and, when she asked about the ghosts, she asked, “What would you do if you heard someone playing the piano in the middle of the night?”  So, I moved one of the smart plugs to the piano’s vacuum pump, set-up a roll and temporarily disabled the plug’s program and left it off.  At night, a few minutes after we’d turned out the lights, I turned on the plug from my Android phone, starting the player piano.  The result was quite amusing, to say the least.”


If these uses and stories have inspired you to install an ecobee Smart Plug – they are available for purchase on the Buy page of our website!

Do you have a Smart Plug and want to share your story? Please email [email protected] – we would LOVE to hear it.