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ecobee and Zone Control

by on July 9, 2010

ecobee does support zone control. Typically when the HVAC system is designed with multi-zone control, it will include: (1) a zone controller that is capable of controlling two or more independent zones with one HVAC system, (2) a set of zone and bypass dampers properly configured into the supply air ductwork and (3) a thermostat for each zone. The ecobee is compatible with zone control systems and can be used to replace an existing zone thermostat be it a “master or slave” thermostat.

The common connections for each zone input are as follows: “R”, “G”, “Y/Y1” & “W/W1” and should be mostly standard on the various brands of zone-control systems. If they are using a multi-stage heating/cooling or heat-pump systems then additional inputs may be used such as “W2”, “Y2”, “O/B”. What sets the ecobee different from other thermostats is the capability to access each zone remotely from one ecobee web portal and we provide a helpful grouping feature so that when they make a change on one thermostat, it can automatically be propagated to all the thermostats.

This example is of a typical 4 zone controller, illustrating the connections between the Equipment Interface and the Zone Control board. This is a generic diagram and may vary slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer.