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Add-ons that add value.

If you want to enhance your ecobee experience or take even more control over your
energy consumption, we have the accessories to help you do it.

Maximum control.

Whether you use ecobee accessories for your home or for your business, you'll enjoy greater control when it comes to managing your energy usage and ultimately, create a more comfortable living or working environment.

Maximum savings.

Our thermostat products are a great start to understanding and cutting back on your energy usage — which of course, will also bring down your energy costs. Our accessories will help you conduct remote diagnostics and get an even better idea of how much energy you're using so you can take the steps to reduce your usage even further and really maximize those savings.

Attach additional sensors and get more out of your Solution

Want to have even more control over your environment? All you have to do is add the ecobee Remote Sensor Module (RSM). The ecobee Remote Sensor Module is the newest technology designed to support the award- winning ecobee line of products. It allows additional sensors to be connected to the ecobee Smart Thermostat or Energy Management System.

Pairing the Remote Sensor Module with the ecobee Energy Management System?

When paired with one of ecobee's commercial systems, the Remote Sensor Module gives you even more flexibility.

We've built in increased functionality to the Energy Management software so that you can get even more out of the Remote Sensor Module. Using the ecobee Web Portal and Remote Sensor Module you can manage your building operations without actually having to be there in person. All you need is an Internet connection and you can monitor temperatures, humidity and CO2 levels as well as non-heating and cooling equipment for optimal system performance. You can even set different thresholds to create alerts for each sensor. Now, rather than just receiving an alert, you'll also be able to trigger actions based on certain thresholds that you set.

The Remote Sensor Module is compatible with most off-the-shelf 10K NTC temperature sensors, or humidity sensors.

Curious how customers are using the Remote Sensor Module?

Smart Thermostat & Energy Management System Applications:

Applications Exclusive to the Energy Management System:

The Remote Sensor Module can be purchased exclusively through HVAC Contractors.

Where to Buy

The Remote Sensor Module is compatible with the following ecobee products:

  • The ecobee Smart Thermostat
  • The ecobee Energy Management System

Need to do a demonstration or test of your thermostat before it is hardwired into a power supply? No problem.

Using the ecobee Power Supply you can easily operate your ecobee from any power outlet.
Power supplies are also great in situations where hardwiring power to a unit is not an option or plugging in the thermostat is preferred.

Technical Specifications:

  • 120 volts input

  • 12 volts dc output

  • Maximum 1 amp

Power supplies can be purchased exclusively through HVAC Contractors.

Where to Buy

Power supplies are compatible with the following ecobee products:

  • The ecobee Smart Thermostat
  • The ecobee Energy Management System

First, a pop quiz…

Quick — how many devices or appliances do you have around your home that are plugged in at any given time? If you're like most of us, the number is probably higher than you realize! The thing is, even if you're not actually using those items, they're still eating up energy and costing you money.

Smart Plugs: A really smart way to understand
and manage your energy usage.

At ecobee, we're not just all about thermostats — we're about energy solutions. That's why we've manufactured our very own Smart Plugs, to give you another way to understand, manage, and reduce your energy use.

By adding Smart Plugs to your ecobee Smart Thermostat you'll be able to monitor and manage them through your existing ecobee Web Portal.

Lights on lights off.

Entertainment system on entertainment system off. All from the click of a button…from anywhere! Want to get more out of your Smart Plug? Try connecting it to a power bar!

Using the Zigbee® HA profile (a wireless protocol that provides highly-efficient connectivity), the Smart Plug measures the exact amount of energy consumed by the appliance or device that's plugged into it on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. It will even show you how much it's costing you to run that appliance or device.

Install it yourself — it's easy!

Installing your Smart Plugs couldn't be simpler. Just add the Zigbee module to your Smart Thermostat, plug it into your wall outlet, follow the simple configuration then plug in your device or appliance.

Note that only one Zigbee Module is required per thermostat and can be connected to an unlimited number of Smart Plugs within range.

Keep Your Software Current

In order to use your Smart Plug you will need to be running at minimum ecobee Thermostat software version This update should happen automatically if you are connected to WiFi, but if for some reason you are running an earlier version you may need to contact ecobee customer support to upgrade.

To determine the software version your thermostat is running, click here

Have a Smart Plug and want to upgrade your thermostat to the latest version? Contact technical support

Check out the Smart Plug manual

Smart Plugs can only be purchased through the ecobee website.

Buy Now

Smart Plugs are compatible with the following ecobee products:

  • The ecobee Smart Thermostat
  • The ecobee Smart Si Thermostat

Get creative with ecobee GelaSkins!

Express your individual style and customize your ecobee thermostats with
interchangeable, protective, scratch-resistant GelaSkins for your home or business!

Gelaskins on devices
  • For the Home

    Match the look of your ecobee thermostat to the style of your home décor. Inject your own personal flare with customized colours and patterns, or choose an awesome design that suits your taste from the GelaSkins gallery.

    You can also create your own unique and personalized GelaSkin using a fun family photo or your favorite piece of graphic art to bring your ecobee thermostat to life. Talk about a conversation piece!

    Create a skin for your home!
  • For your Business

    Want your ecobee thermostats to fit right in to your commercial establishment and help promote your brand? Create custom ecobee GelaSkins with your company logo, colors or design to spice up your walls and celebrate your brand.

    Create a skin for your business!

Create one yourself - it’s easy!

GelaSkins are currently available for the following ecobee products